Cardelli Lanfear Succeeds in Persuading Trial Court to Enforce Forum Selection Clause

Cardelli Lanfear News|Complex Commercial Litigation

Commerical entities are always interested in knowing whether contractual provisions will actually be enforced by courts.  A Cardelli Lanfear client recently faced this very issue with respect to a forum selection clause in a commercial contract.  The ultimate issue was whether any crossclaims against our client would have to be litigated in the State of Ohio, where our client had commenced litigation, or whether the merits of these crossclaims, if any, could be separately brought in Michigan.  In a well-written and well-reasoned opinion, the trial court agreed with our arguments for enforcing the forum selection clause (and rejected our adversaries’ arguments against the clause), dismissing the crossclaims filed in Michigan.  See Opinion & Order.  We are pleased to report that the trial court enforced this forum selection clause on behalf our client.