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Expungements in Michigan

If you are eligible for expungement in Michigan, the attorneys at Cardelli Lanfear can help you through the process. 

The Michigan Clean Slate Law for Criminal Expungements

The new law, MCL 780.621, otherwise known as the “Clean Slate” law, allows individuals convicted of one or more criminal offenses to file an application with the convicting court for the entry of an order to set aside 1 or more convictions from their permanent record. The law permits consideration of expungement for the following crimes:

  • 1 or more criminal offenses, but not more than 3 total felony offenses, in the State of Michigan
  • Up to 2 total convictions for assaultive crimes during one’s lifetime
  • Up to 1 total conviction for a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison
  • Additional offenses specified within the statute

Please note, this is the criteria for which a citizen may apply for expungement. Each applicant is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. An assistant attorney general must agree an applicant has proven sufficient rehabilitation and good behavior to warrant expungement, and a judge must agree to sign an order. Nonetheless, this is an extraordinary opportunity for Michigan residents to start fresh.

Effects Expungement Can Have

For more information about the effects of expungement and what to do, please read our post: Clean Slate Law – Expungement of Criminal Convictions in Michigan

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